What is the Air Valve on the Coffee Pouch For?

February 25,2022

Some coffee pouches have a button-like object on the back and some small holes in them, have you seen that? This we call the air valve.


What is the air valve on the coffee pouch for?

The purpose of this device is to get the carbon dioxide out of the coffee pouch, because freshly roasted coffee beans have to be exhausted, which is more apt to feel like breathing.


coffee pouch

The role of the air valve

It can help the carbon dioxide of coffee beans to be discharged, so for coffee beans, the air valve is a device that keeps air from entering, effectively slowing down the aging speed of coffee beans.


The function of the air valve not only discharges the gas of the coffee beans but also prevents the outside air from infiltrating into the bean pouch, which affects the quality of the coffee beans.


coffee pouch


In summary, the valve has the following functions

  1. Moisture-proof: Effectively maintain the dryness and mellow flavor of coffee beans, and the moisture in the air cannot escape into the bag.


  1. Buffering: When the coffee bean bag is impacted during handling or dropped from a high place, the air in the bag can be discharged from the one-way exhaust valve, reducing the impact caused by the residual gas in the bag and preventing the package from bursting.


  1. Exhaust: After the coffee is roasted, the carbon dioxide in the bag can be effectively discharged to avoid the package bursting.


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