What is the Common Composite Structure of Washing Powder Packaging Bags?

September 07,2022

In supermarkets, the most commonly seen form of washing powder packaging is plastic packaging. As the washing powder is alkaline, it requires a high amount of packaging bags. So, what are the commonly used composite structures in washing powder packaging bags?


detergent bag


The printing fabrics commonly used for washing powder packaging bags mainly include pets and NY.


Pet is a film material often used in food flexible packaging printing. It has excellent printing performance, a transparent film body, good puncture resistance and tear resistance, and low cost. Therefore, it is often used for small volume packaging and printing of washing powder.


If the package of washing powder is large and the size of its bag is large, the commonly used material is NY (nylon film).


Nylon NY in plastics is a plastic film with excellent properties such as good flexibility, puncture resistance, tensile strength, and abrasion resistance. For large packages of washing powder, this is the best choice to avoid damage and leakage of bags during transportation and lifting. Of course, the price of such an excellent nylon film must be much higher.


Next, let's talk about the commonly used bottom film of washing powder packaging bags: PE.


Speaking of PE film, because it is a composite material, it can not be completed with one material. We have come into contact with a lot of PE materials. Usually, when we buy snacks, the soft translucent zipper bag is a PE bag.


The PE film in the washing powder packaging bag mainly plays the role of heat sealing. PE has good chemical properties and heats sealing properties, which ensure that most products can be packaged. Moreover, even if there is foreign matter during the sealing, it can ensure the sealing performance after sealing. This is also the most commonly used base material for plastic flexible packaging.


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