Why does Suction Bag Replace Hard Packaging?

July 13,2022

Suction bags are more popular than hard packaging for the following reasons:


soft packaging


Low transportation cost - the suction nozzle bag is smaller, easier to transport than hard packaging, and reduces the transportation cost;


Lightweight and more environmentally friendly - suction nozzle bags use 60% less plastic than hard packaging;


Less waste of contents - all contents were taken out of the nozzle bag account for more than 98% of the product, higher than that of hard packaging;


Novelty and uniqueness - the suction bag makes your products stand out in the exhibition;


Better display effect - the suction bag has enough surface area to design and promote your brand logo for you;


Lower carbon emissions - the manufacturing process of suction nozzle bags consumes less energy, is more environmentally friendly, and has less carbon dioxide emissions.


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