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Shaped Pouch

The Shaped Pouch is not a regular boxy bag, but an irregular shape. Special-shaped bags have excellent shelf attractiveness due to their changeable shapes, and are a popular packaging form in foreign markets.
With the improvement of people's quality of life, special-shaped bags have gradually become one of the means for Chinese commodity manufacturers to increase brand awareness and increase product selling points. The special-shaped bag breaks through the shackles of the traditional square bag, turning the straight edge of the bag into a curved edge, reflecting different design styles, and has the characteristics of novel, simple, clear, easy to identify, and prominent brand image.
Compared with ordinary packaging, special-shaped bags are more attractive, product information is clear, promotion effects are very obvious, and application functions such as zippers, portable holes, and spouts can be added arbitrarily. For juice pouch bag/flat bottom pet food packaging pouch The use of other products is more convenient and more user-friendly.